About eReferrals

About the Ocean eReferral Network

The Ocean eReferral Network is changing how healthcare referrals are sent and managed, replacing traditional fax-and-paper systems, while keeping patients informed every step of the way.

What is it?

The Ocean eReferral Network is an EMR-integrated, cloud-based technology for healthcare referrals developed by CognisantMD. The Network includes a map-based, searchable directory of healthcare providers with wait times, intelligent referral forms, end-to-end reporting, and automated status alerts for patients and providers.

Using Ocean’s secure, online eReferral directory, healthcare providers can search for specialists and patient programs, view wait times and locations, and create and submit a healthcare referral in real time. With integrated Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), referrals are sent, tracked and updated right from the patient’s chart.

Benefits of eReferrals:

  • Patients are kept informed about the status of their referrals and get better, faster access to care in their community
  • Healthcare Providers can easily send structured referrals right from the patient’s chart, view wait time information, and reduce delays from incomplete requisitions and faxes.
  • Specialists receive more appropriate referrals, with more complete information, while eliminating time consuming, paper-based workflows.

Where is the Ocean eReferral Network available?

Ocean eReferrals are available to providers across Canada.

In Ontario, the Ontario eServices Program and Think Research Consortium (Think Research, CognisantMD and The Centre for Effective Practice) are currently working together to implement the Ocean eReferral Network in that province.

Learn more about the Ontario provincial expansion of eReferrals through the Ontario eServices Program.

Learn more about the Ocean technology platform.

Visit the Ocean Healthmap Directory.