Ontario eServices Program and Think Research Consortium in Ontario

The Ontario eServices Program and the Think Research Consortium (Think Research, CognisantMD and The Centre for Effective Practice) have come together to improve access to patient care across the province through the delivery of secure, EMR-integrated electronic referrals on the Ocean eReferral Network.

Together, the eServices Program and Think Research Consortium are delivering a collaborative and standardized approach to deployment with a comprehensive eReferral solution which includes the benefits of EMR-integrated eReferral forms; a web-based, searchable directory of healthcare providers; central intake and referral management tools; end-to-end reporting analytics; and automated electronic notifications for patients and providers.

Through their partnership, the eServices Program and the Think Research Consortium are working collaboratively through locally-based deployment teams to recruit, implement, train and provide ongoing support to health care providers and clinics in multiple health regions across Ontario. The program allows health care providers to use the solution at no cost for a wide range of OHIP funded referral pathways including Diagnostic Imaging and Orthopedics.

By joining the Ocean eReferral Network, health care providers and program administrators can access a growing network of clinics that are frustrated with the challenges of fax-based referrals and embracing an integrated, digital tool to provide better care for their patients.

The implementation of eReferrals in hundreds of healthcare facilities across the province is a clear example of supporting integrated, coordinated care in Ontario and can support newly-formed Ontario Health Teams to build integration across sectors and individual facilities, while also empowering patients with more information around their care.